Digital Media
In a media driven world components of digital media are defined as:
  • Communication
  • Convergence
  • Content
  • Community
  • Commerce
Strategic Sourcing
The process of creating a defined strategy around every dollar you spend
  • Do you have all your spend under management?
  • Do you know how many vendors you use?
  • Are all your contracts in one location?
Production Technologies
The tools of the trade.
Every artist has tools
  • Red, Genesis, Alexis, F65, HDSLR
  • Digital storage, DI, Color Symmetry
  • Multiplatform Distribution, Mobile, Device Agnostic
  • High Definition 2K, 4K
  • 3D

Post Production Workflows
The digital supply chain and the ecosystem it serves.
Post Production is no longer the end of the process. It may be the beginning in today's digital production world.
  • Digital Intermediate
  • Global Workforces
  • Supply Chain
  • DCP
  • Digital Vaults
Infrastructure Technology and Design
How do I get there?
Infrastructure Workflows vs. Legacy Operations
  • Cost
  • Impact
  • Analysis
  • Deployment
  • Training